Introducing Adobe Express Integration with TikTok’s Creative Assistant

Introducing Adobe Express Integration with TikTok’s Creative Assistant


Adobe and TikTok have joined forces to announce an exciting integration: TikTok’s AI-powered Creative Assistant is now seamlessly available within Adobe Express. This collaboration aims to empower businesses and creators to produce and promote content more effectively. Available as an add-on in English for both free and Premium users of Adobe Express, the Creative Assistant simplifies the content creation process.

The Creative Assistant add-on in Adobe Express streamlines the creation of content across platforms by providing access to templates, Adobe Stock video clips, audio, stickers, and a TikTok video creator. With this new add-on, creators gain access to TikTok insights on trending hashtags and AI-powered tools—all within the Adobe Express environment. The Assistant can also assist in brainstorming creative ideas and generating video scripts.

This integration enables businesses and creators to schedule and publish content directly to TikTok without leaving Adobe Express, enhancing workflow efficiency.

Stacy Martinet, Adobe’s VP of Marketing Strategy and Communications, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, highlighting the value it brings to content creation and distribution processes. The collaboration leverages Adobe’s creative tools and TikTok’s extensive knowledge of a highly engaged, global audience to deliver content that drives real business value.

To utilize the Creative Assistant, users can navigate to the add-ons section in Adobe Express, locate the Creative Assistant, and install it. For example, a brand looking to create a Valentine’s Day TikTok ad can browse templates, view trending hashtags, and seek creative inspiration from the Assistant by providing prompts.

Upon receiving prompts such as “Write a script for a Valentine’s Day offer for my plant shop. 20% off all plants,” users can access suggested scripts to structure their ad approach, including visuals and text suggestions. Once ready to publish, the Assistant can help craft attention-grabbing captions, allowing users to add hashtags and publish their ads seamlessly.

Sofia Hernadez, TikTok’s Global Head of Marketing, shared excitement about integrating the Creative Assistant within Adobe Express, emphasizing the platform’s ability to facilitate TikTok-first campaigns efficiently.

TikTok initially launched its Creative Assistant last September to aid brands in creating videos quickly with AI assistance. The integration with Adobe Express now enables creators and brands to create and publish content more effectively, all within a familiar platform.

This collaboration marks a significant step forward in empowering creators and businesses to unleash their creativity and connect with audiences on TikTok seamlessly. Stay tuned for more updates on how this integration will transform content creation and distribution in the digital landscape.