Neara Revolutionizes Utility Protection with AI

Neara Revolutionizes Utility Protection with AI


As extreme weather intensifies globally, Neara pioneers AI solutions safeguarding utility infrastructure. With its recent launch of AI and machine learning products, Neara empowers utilities to model networks, anticipate risks, and streamline operations without costly manual surveys.

Since its commercial debut in 2019, Neara secured $45 millFion AUD in investments from Square Peg Capital, Skip Capital, and Press Ventures. Its clientele includes Essential Energy, Endeavour Energy, SA Power Networks, alongside partnerships with Southern California Edison Co and EMPACT Engineering.

Neara’s AI capabilities, integrated into its tech stack, enhance network analysis and resilience, as demonstrated by global utility adoptions. By simulating extreme weather scenarios, Neara accelerates power restoration, ensures team safety, and mitigates weather-related disruptions.

Jack Curtis, Neara co-founder, underscores the technology’s pivotal role in preempting weather-induced failures. Leveraging LiDAR data and AI models, Neara generates digital twins of utility networks, enabling proactive risk management and precise asset assessment.

Southern California Edison benefits from Neara’s “auto-prescription” approach, enhancing wildfire risk detection and optimizing inspection strategies. Similarly, SA Power Networks leveraged Neara’s flood impact modeling post-River Murray crisis, expediting restoration efforts and reducing downtime.

Neara’s future endeavors include leveraging machine learning to extract insights from live and historical data, expanding data sources for modeling, and collaborating with Essential Energy to enhance asset risk analysis during wildfires.

In Curtis’s words, Neara empowers utilities to anticipate and mitigate weather-induced disruptions, ensuring resilient communities and reliable electricity supply amidst escalating climate challenges.