Notion Strengthens Privacy Focus with Skiff Acquisition

Notion Strengthens Privacy Focus with Skiff Acquisition


Introduction: Notion, the dynamic productivity platform, has recently elevated its commitment to privacy-centric offerings through the strategic acquisition of Skiff. Recognized for its end-to-end encrypted file storage, documents, calendar events, and email services, Skiff aligns seamlessly with Notion’s vision for a comprehensive suite of privacy-focused tools.

Skiff’s Background: Founded in 2020 by Andrew Milich and Jason Ginsberg, Skiff has garnered significant support, securing $14.2 million in funding across two rounds. Notable investors include Sequoia Capital, Alphabet chairman John Hennessy, former Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang, and Eventbrite co-founders Julia and Kevin Hartz.

Notion’s Longstanding Interest: In a transparent dialogue between Notion’s COO Akshay Kothari and Skiff’s co-founders, Kothari revealed the company’s early recognition of Skiff’s potential. “Skiff started showing up on our radar at Notion right from the beginning,” Kothari disclosed. Despite initial attempts to connect in 2020 during the development of Skiff’s Docs product, the two companies finally found common ground, with Kothari expressing admiration for Skiff’s meticulous attention to detail.

Expansion Beyond Secure Docs: Skiff, initially established as a secure alternative to Google Docs, has expanded its offerings to encompass calendar and email functionalities. This expansion resonates with Notion’s holistic approach to productivity solutions.

Skiff’s Integration with Notion: Skiff officially announced its integration with Notion, signaling a pivotal moment in the two companies’ collaboration. However, Skiff users were informed that the platform would cease operations in six months. Importantly, Skiff assured users of a seamless data migration process to alternative services, clarifying that Skiff accounts would not automatically transition to Notion accounts.

Notion’s Acquisition Strategy: This acquisition marks Notion’s latest strategic move in the productivity tools landscape. Previous acquisitions include Flowdash in 2022, Cron, and India-based, known for its extensive suite of integrations spanning 200 services. Notion’s consistent expansion underscores its dedication to enhancing privacy and security within its platform.

Conclusion: Notion’s acquisition of Skiff reaffirms its position as a frontrunner in providing robust and privacy-centric productivity solutions. This strategic move reflects Notion’s ongoing commitment to meeting the evolving needs of individuals and teams seeking secure and comprehensive productivity tools.