Rent., a real estate marketer, has developed a TikTok solutions platform

Rent., a real estate marketer, has developed a TikTok solutions platform


Rent., a firm specializing in real estate rental marketing, has developed a new tool, RentSocial. for TikTok, to increase the exposure of posts made by property managers on the app, as per a press statement. 

Despite being relatively new compared to its rivals, TikTok has created an impressive advertising business that has enticed marketers from numerous sectors. As the platform grows, the competition for visibility is likely to become more intense, giving companies such as Rent the chance to provide services to aid with this task.

RentSocial claims to be an effortless route for businesses to generate TikTok videos, as elaborated in their announcement. Furthermore, those already partnered with Rent. can utilize their current material to craft the videos, with Rent. managing the plans utilizing their exclusive consumer data.

Real estate professionals are increasingly turning to TikTok to reach potential clients in various phases of their buying or renting processes. According to Comscore, 30% of 20-29 year-olds and 16% of 30-39 year-olds in the US use the app, and almost 60% of Generation Z is on TikTok. 

Currently boasting the greatest rate of expansion in the social media sphere, TikTok has been having a major impact on the marketing field. Instagram has adopted numerous elements of the app in recent times, and the NBA too has incorporated them into its own app. Furthermore, the company has suggested that it will build product fulfillment centers to make it easier for businesses to send out items that were promoted on the platform.