Twitter Leaks Elon Musk’s Source Code, Musk Indicates Twitter’s Decreased Value

Twitter Leaks Elon Musk’s Source Code, Musk Indicates Twitter’s Decreased Value


Twitter has confirmed that parts of the source code for its platform, owned by Elon Musk, have been leaked on GitHub. The code was taken down after Twitter requested its removal. GitHub is a Microsoft-owned service that software developers use to share code. Twitter has called on GitHub to provide information on who was behind the account that leaked the code. The account was named FreeSpeechEnthusiast. Twitter has filed a DMCA takedown request to protect copyrighted material.

The leak poses a new challenge for Elon Musk, who bought Twitter in October last year. Since then, Musk has reduced Twitter’s workforce by more than a third and faced an exodus of advertisers. The source code leak may make it easier for hackers to find vulnerabilities in the platform. It could also lead to the creation of unofficial Twitter apps, as well as the cloning of Twitter’s features.

Musk Indicates Twitter’s Decreased Value

Elon Musk has reportedly indicated to Twitter workers that the company is worth less than half of what he paid for it last year. According to reports, Musk told staff that Twitter is now valued at less than $20bn, compared to the $44bn he paid for it. The estimate of Twitter’s value was based on Musk’s offer of stock grants to staff. Musk also reportedly said that he sees a clear but difficult path to a valuation of over $250bn. This suggests a more than tenfold increase in Twitter’s valuation.

The news of Twitter’s decreased value comes as Musk has been facing criticism over his platform management. Since buying Twitter, Musk has been accused of not doing enough to combat harassment and abuse on the site. Advertisers have also been leaving the platform in droves, citing concerns over the safety of their brands. Twitter’s decreased value may be seen as a reflection of these challenges.

In conclusion, the leak of Twitter’s source code and Musk’s indication of the platform’s decreased value are significant developments. The leak poses a potential security risk to Twitter, while Musk’s comments suggest that he may be struggling to turn the platform around. It remains to be seen how Twitter will respond to these challenges, and whether Musk will be able to achieve his ambitious goals for the platform.

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