YouTube Premium Adds SharePlay Support, Higher Quality Video, and More Perks

YouTube Premium Adds SharePlay Support, Higher Quality Video, and More Perks


YouTube Premium is expanding its features with SharePlay support, higher-quality video, and other new perks. The $11.99 per month subscription plan has introduced several new features to retain and attract subscribers. YouTube Premium is known for offering ad-free access to YouTube. However, the company is looking to expand its feature set to provide more value to its subscribers.

Enhanced Video Quality

YouTube is now offering an enhanced bitrate version of 1080p HD video quality to Premium subscribers on iOS and the web. The enhanced 1080p quality setting will make videos look “extra crisp and clear.” This feature will first become available as an “experiment” for web users, allowing subscribers early access to test new features ahead of a public release. This move will help YouTube Premium to provide a “premium” experience to subscribers, rather than just a less annoying one by removing ads.

SharePlay Support

YouTube Premium is also adding support for Apple’s SharePlay feature. This co-viewing feature was first introduced at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference in 2021. The feature allows users to watch videos with friends and family through FaceTime. YouTube will limit access to paying subscribers, positioning itself differently from competitors like Disney+, Hulu, HBO Max, and TikTok. This feature will make YouTube Premium more attractive to users who want to connect with friends and family during the pandemic.

More Controls Over Your Queue

Another new feature of YouTube Premium provides more control over the user’s queue. Premium users will now be able to add videos to their queue when watching on phones and tablets. This feature will allow users to control what video they want to play next during their current viewing session. While YouTube free users can save videos to playlists, queuing is a new feature exclusive to YouTube Premium subscribers.

Other YouTube Premium Features

Beyond ad-free viewing, YouTube Premium offers background play for watching when the screen is locked, offline downloads, and access to YouTube Music Premium. The company believes that the broader feature set will help it to better market the subscription to consumers, as many don’t know what else YouTube Premium provides beyond removing ads from YouTube. The launches also follow other recent additions, like the ability to continue watching videos where you left off on any device and a “smart downloads” feature that automatically saves recommended videos for offline access. This latter feature is now available to web users as well, in addition to iOS and Android.

In conclusion, YouTube Premium’s new features aim to provide more value to subscribers. The enhanced video quality, SharePlay support, and more controls over the user’s queue are among the new features. These features will help YouTube Premium to remain competitive in the market and attract new subscribers.

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